The History Of Unity Church In Atlanta

Reverend Joseph Thomas is the founder of Unity Church in Atlanta, and it all started with one mission 25 years ago. We want to unite various cultures in the digital age, cultivate awareness, practice, and commitment. Nowadays, people have neglected the essential values, such as respect, love, and belief, and somehow we have forgotten God’s role in our creation.

We want to help you discover the right path and get back to the right course. We want your experience with our church to be empowering, fulfilling and joyous. Whether you want to experience creative and inspirational programs or our fun, youthful programs, everyone is welcomed.


As we mentioned, our church was founded 25 years ago, and since then we gained a lot of followers. We based our programs on people’s needs. You will experience a warm and welcoming greeting and meet a congregation that is truly blessed by your presence.

Our Reverend had one mission when he founded Unity Church, and that’s to help all people who are struggling with fears, difficulties, and life overall. Since 1992, we have come a long way and manage to build a community that will help all people who ask for our assistance.

You will be accepted for the person you are, and we will be more than happy to guide you towards God. Each person is unique and has something to contribute, and together we will become more. We are blessed that your path has crossed ours and we want to introduce you to the many opportunities you will experience while being part of our congregation.

The History Of Unity Church In Atlanta

Our path was rough, and we had to go through various transformations over the years. The biggest one was that we had to learn to adapt to a digital age. Nowadays, people reach to us through the Internet, and we have to show them that our programs are genuine and that we have the power to help them.

If you want to become a member of a congregation and you want to find your way, the come and join the Unity Church in Atlanta.