Three Signs You Might Be At A Wrong Church

Nowadays, churches come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes even beliefs. In Revelation 2-3, we have specific pointers of what church might look like when it loses its way. The Bible also mentions positive sides that these very same establishments are doing.

Not all churches are wrong, but it’s essential to point out that no church is going to be 100% perfect, after all, humans run them, and we all know they tend to make mistakes. If you have a hard time finding a church that matches you need, then we have a couple of suggestions.

The church has lost its first love

This happens often, and people who run a church worry over politics of church that sharing God’s love. Gaining money and attendance becomes their primary concern. Everyone seeks the Love of God, but that doesn’t mean you will find it in every church you attend.


The church only has to preach it, and people will come. You don’t have to please a congregation to find the peace you are seeking. The love for repentant sinners should be your true vocation and desire to good for others. If you don’t fell this in a church you are visiting, then move along.

A church that often mentions truth in its vocabulary

When a church often points out the truth, it should give you a hint about their priorities. Such establishments run the risk of prioritizing what they think is the right teaching or the right practice. They defend a culturally conditioned set of beliefs.


Unfortunately, many of them are disputable and cannot be proven by the prudent scholars. You should know that truth is a person, not a set of prepositions that church is imposing.
A church that feels more like a social club

Throughout the years, we have seen many congregations that don’t take their role seriously. Of course, they serve the poor, worship the goodness, help disabled and misfortunate, but they tend to neglect the Holy Spirit.

They should never forget the Word of God and replace it with their own because this leads to a social club, instead of church.