Three Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Church

Often we get caught up with all negative sides of the church, that we forget why we are here and what’s the purpose of a church. Churches are same as people, they have different and at the same time unique personalities. And just like you don’t right away get along with every person you meet, the same rule applies to the church.

So, how do you know whether you have made the right decision? Well, we have a couple of suggestions for you, after visiting the same church at least three times, ask yourself the following questions.

Can this place help me connect with God?

You should consider what style of adoration you want to follow and will you be granted with a freedom to express your desires and belief. While some churches tend to have contemporary music, others are more traditional.

Worship Service

You will find a large variety of musical choices, such as hymns, choruses, bands, and others. You should find an establishment where worship is a crucial part of church experience and that its members will pay attention to your needs as well.

Will I learn Bible?

The essential messages are those that come directly from the Word of God. Considering that Word of God comes from the Bible, if you don’t hear it in a church you are attending, then find another congregation. The Word of God doesn’t support a feel-good, or live-a-better-life message; it should offer you two things, comfort the affected and afflict the comfortable.

Can you change people lives?

Many individuals come with this belief that a church can change people’s lives. However, if you aren’t open-minded, then you won’t experience the change. Some churches have the power to change your entire existence and set you in the right direction.


For example, our congregation, the Unity Church in Atlanta accepts everyone, regardless of your history, age, previous religion because we want to offer all of them a fair chance. It is incredible to see people who come to our church with a closed mind and leave it with an open heart and soul.